Survivor Jack Endorses


This Goggles and Mask set are inexpensive and easy to carry for Adult or Child. By putting this in your purse, briefcase, coat pocket or backpack, it’s available to Reduce Your Risk Against:

  • Pandemics

  • Allergens

  • Bio-Terrorism

  • Smoke Particles

  • Mold

  • Sand and Dust Storms

  • Pollution

  • Dust and Debris from Natural/Man Made Disasters

  • Radioactive Dirty Bomb

  • Nuclear Power Plan Accident

  • Forest fires

  • Volcanic Ash

For Complete details, drop by the ReadiMask website (listed below).  View videos and read documentation about these Self-Adhesive, non-Latex, Made-In-America products.

IF you decide to buy these for yourself or as Life-Saving Gifts friends and family, PLEASE USE COUPON CODE: SurvivorJack  (all one word) for a Discount.

Please go by and Be Better Prepared.

PS: In the event of a Deadly Pandemic, What do YOU plan to cover your face with WHEN You Must Go Shopping, to Work, to Worship, or to Attend Social Events. Stop by and feel more Confident & Secure.



Survivor Jack Endorses — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Jack – we met at a marketing even a couple years back, and I want to follow up to see how you are doing and what you’re up to nowadays. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Lee Collins

    PS: It’s a little tattered and frayed, but I still carry the EDC card you gave me in my wallet.

  2. I just recently found you on Instructables, a four year old post about Bugout bags,Impressive! I’m 68 and spent some years as a bush pilot in Liberia till 1990. I have have noticed that in the survival arena everyone mentions the uses of signal mirrors, Whistles, even guns, when you need to be found or assisted. What if you are lost and attempting to walk to help? I’ve seen stories of search and rescue efforts but I haven’t seen anyone mention the value of the hiker leaving a trail to assist his potential rescuers. When I was in the rain forests of Liberia I carried some bright orange surveyor’s tape and a marker pen that could be tied to a limb or bush with my name or other info written on it to assist a searchers to home in on me if I was on the move. Of course I also had an aircraft band transceiver paracord and swiss army knife among the other basics.
    Thanks much
    Stephen Wilson Schertz, Texas

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