Jack “Randy” Jobe aka Survivor Jack™ was born in Frederick, Oklahoma.


Survivor Jack Jobe

Jack and Jackie Jobe - Parents of "Survivor Jack" JobeAn only-child, his parents were Jack & Jackie Jobe.  ”Randy”, as he was known in his youth, followed his family to “Army Posts” in Lawton, Oklahoma, Munich, Alabama, Hawaii, North Carolina and back to Oklahoma.

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, “Randy” became an Emmy-Emmy Placquenominated Cinematographer at WKY-TV (Oklahoma City) later at KMGH & KWGN (Denver, CO).

In the early ’80s, Randy met Jacquie.  My co-workers at Ch2, my friends and neighbors started calling us – Jack and Jacquie – and it stuck.  We have two sons and a Daughter-in-Law.

15 Days after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, while watching the rescue of the “Miracle Girl”, Jack had a VISION.  In a flash, he created a rescue tool and realized his Mission of promoting 1st Aid and Survival Basics through Entertaining Education.