Survivor Jack™ – a Journey to Being Better Prepared

Are You, your Family and Friends Prepared for a Major Disaster?  

Survivor Jack’s Mission is Equiping and Empowering People through Entertaining 1st Aid and Survival Education.

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Now – watch Letter to my Children – Lessons from Haiti and Japan. (8:15 No ads – only education)  Clearly explains the specifics behind being Prepared. Forward the link to family and friends who are reluctant to prepare.


What is Your Most Important Survival Tool?

A Few Survival Basics from Survivor Jack

Survivor Jack vs Airline Security  (MOST RECENT)

Who Is Survivor Jack? 

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“Survivor Jack” was born from National Geographic TV’s “Doomsday Preppers” (S1E9)

Roger Anthony Speed Bag Jedi    —–  This is HOW you master any new skill you want to develop.   Enjoy a superb teacher and my friend, Roger Anthony.

THIS is a humble start.  I promise to improve and expand “”.  I’ll add more videos soon.  For Ideas or Suggestions or a Preparedness Guest for TV, Radio or Blogcast, contact     Be Honest, Be Excellent & Walk About Prepared®


(Products That Make a Difference in an Emergency)  


ReadiMask – Your Life depends on Your Ability to Breath during a Crisis (Click, Learn and receive a discount)






















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